The Islands

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The Islands is one of the most amazing and beautiful reefs in Dahab. The name refers to the many corals in the area. Together they create a labyrinth of very interesting rock formations, with natural rifts and some huge brain corals. The maximum depth is approximately 16 meters, which also makes it good for snorkeling, photography or as a long, shallow second or third dive of the day. However, the labyrinth and especially the entrance and exit point, are very narrow and fragile, so you should therefore dive with extra attention and care.


Mashraba Reef

At the southern end of Dahab Bay lies Mashraba reef, a wonderful day or night dive. This dive can be done as either a deep or a shallow dive. As a shallow dive, it is an out and back dive along the reef, with a maximum depth of around fourteen meters. For those who prefer deeper dives, you can descend to an impressive bombie called ‘Romans Rock´ and to some large coral formations at thirty meters before coming upon a wonderful garden of table corals. At the point of return, you come across one of the most beautiful coral pinnacles in the area, which is surrounded by swarms of Anthias.


The South

The ‘South’ actually refers to the southern region of Dahab, close to the foot of the Sinai mountains. The South includes several beautiful dive sites which you can visit, including: The Golden Blocks, Shark Reef, Three Pools, Um Sid, The Caves


Murray Garden

When you go South you can spend the whole day diving and in between dives you are able to rest, relax and enjoy lunch in the shade of the Bedouin restaurant.



dive sites

This is a classic canyon and an essential dive for all fanatics of cave and cavern diving. The Canyon is quite a phenomenon. At a depth of ten meters the canyon is virtually closed as it snakes its way down to the depths. The canyon has three main entry points. The first, at about fifteen meters, is named the coral fish bowl. Below the fish bowl at a depth of about eighteen meters, is a second larger bowl. The deepest of all of the entry points, opens at a depth of fifty-two meters. In between the second and third entry points, the walls have grown together to virtually close over the top of the canyon, forming a tunnel.


The Bells – Blue Hole

Just to the north of the Blue Hole, is the dramatic Bells dive site. Making a giant stride entry from the shore, you drop straight into its mouth, and then you begin your descent through a groove in the reef table. Dropping straight down you may hear other divers knocking against the rock walls; this clanging noise is apparently why this site is called ‘The Bells´. Further down you come to a small archway, which leads you out onto the reef wall at 28 meters. The wall here continues down to around 800 meters. You arrive at ‘The Blue Hole´ over a saddle at around seven meters. Here you will see wonderful, colourful coral. You will swim around ‘The Blue Hole´ to do a safety stop before exiting the water.