What a year so far for Bella Fleet!

Bella1 has been busy sailing the Red Sea both North and South and after 1 week shall be heading South until December!

She is joined by Captain Barakat and his crew who together create our unique Bella Family. This year we are happy to welcome man different nationalities on board from English , Welsh, Scottish, Irish , Spanish, Italian , Israeli, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia, German, Austrian. We thank everyone for joining us this year and we look forward to welcoming you back in the not so far future!


Bella2 has had a exceptional year for her 1st year working with us!

Her Captain , Captain Adel and Crew have had many great trips especially mini safaris with divers also from around the world! and her work hasn’t finished just yet!

She is now almost fully booked until December with the odd day her and there but what a outstanding year for BELLA FLEET!


We thank all of our agents, clients and divers for trusting Bella Liveaboard and to celebrate 2020 dates are now on Sale!


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